A Final View: Field School Experience #5

By Taylor Bowden

Kathleen and Taylor excavating.

Kathleen and Taylor excavating.

When I initially chose anthropology as my major, archaeology wasn’t anywhere on my radar. Forensic anthropology was what I wanted to do, and what I still want to do; however I have a whole new appreciation for archaeologists and all that they do. I heard about this field school when Dr. Ahlman came to speak to my Intro to Archaeology class and his passion for his work piqued my interest. I had been looking for a way to study abroad and still gain the experience that many people in our field rarely just happen upon and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. I signed up immediately and found myself in June on a plane to St. Kitts. Stepping out of the plane with the 4 strangers who were my classmates, I had no idea what would be in store for us.  Continue reading

A Brief Window into Slave Economy: Field School Experience #4

By Ashley Riddle

Ashley, Kathleen, and Rachel laying in an excavation unit.

Ashley, Kathleen, and Rachel laying in an excavation unit.

The reasons that initially drew me in to this field school are the same reasons that I chose to pursue an anthropology degree. As an American, growing up in this generation, sometimes I feel that I’ve lost touch with my own heritage and cultural traditions. Anthropology and particularly archaeology gives people the opportunity to learn about cultural traditions, ritual practices, and beliefs by analyzing the things that are left behind. It’s an incredibly important field of work that is much more physically demanding than I expected, but in the end is much more rewarding than anything I could ever imagine. Continue reading

Adventures with Sea Urchins: St. Kitts Field School Experience #3

Haley and Ashley with their first excavation unit.

Haley and Ashley with their first excavation unit.

By Haley Lyckman

Well, here we all are in the last part of the 3rd week and I can tell you my experiences here in St. Kitts are not what I expected them to be at all. I’ve learned a few new archeological and life lessons: always put on sun screen, bring two bottles of water, and by all means don’t step on a sea urchin! Continue reading

Archaeological Field School: a vital step to a career in archaeology

By Todd Ahlman


Students and locals during the previous St. Kitt’s Island Field School

The topic of this week’s PAST Posts seems like a no-brainer, but more and more I see and hear from my colleagues that students are not taking archaeological field schools and are finishing their undergraduate and graduate studies without the essential training necessary for an archaeological career. In this post I will talk about my field school experiences and wrap up with a discussion of what experiences people should look for when taking a field school. Continue reading