A behind the scenes look at the Spring Lake Data Recovery Analysis

By Amy Reid

Lab tables cluttered with artifacts, scales, digital calipers, coffee cups, Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists that seem to get longer-not shorter. The analysis phase of an archaeological project can look more like chaos than science, but in reality there is a method — or methodology rather — to the madness. This post aims to describe the various analyses we have conducted and are planning to perform on the data recovered from our 2014 excavations at the Spring Lake Site. You will also get a sneak peak at some of the results available to date.

Figures 1-3: What analysis looks like

Figures 1-3: What analysis looks like

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Interning with the McEvoy Collection at CAS

By Kathleen Jenkins

As an intern at CAS, I have been granted many opportunities that have not only intensified my passion for archaeology, but have allowed me to have firsthand experience in the curation process. I willingly took on this position because I knew that an internship would help me develop the knowledge and skills that would be essential for future academic and occupational opportunities. Being a college student also makes me naturally indecisive, so I decided that interning would be the best way to determine my academic and career path. My decision to intern at CAS was the right decision for me. Continue reading