Spring Lake, Part 1: An Introduction to Spring Lake Prehistory

Spring Lake is an artificial lake located in south-central Hays County at the base of the Balcones Escarpment, which marks the boundary between the Edwards Plateau (Hill Country) and the Blackland Prairie. The lake is fed by a large artesian outflow of anywhere from 200 to 3000 springs that emanate from the Edwards Aquifer to form the headwaters of the San Marcos River. Spring Lake was created in 1849 when General Edward Burleson, commander of the First Regiment during the Battle of San Jacinto and an early founder of the City of San Marcos, built a dam across the river about one-half mile downstream from the springs to accommodate a mill. Continue reading

Public Participation: An Approach to Public Stewardship (by Amy Reid)

volunteers working at the screens

Volunteers working at the screens

People from all walks of life are attracted to archaeology by the allure of adventure and excitement of finding something really old or really significant. Whether a professional or avocational archaeologist, student, educator, or child, the past belongs to all of us. I believe that as professionals we have a responsibility to take what we find, what we learn, and share it with the public. More importantly, the public should also have a part in the process of archaeology; they should be our partners, not just a passive audience for our outreach efforts after we have done all the work. The benefit of this type of inclusiveness is reciprocal: the public becomes closer to archaeology (not to mention they are able to participate in the projects that their tax money pays for) and archaeology gains from their perspective and support. I strongly believe that this relationship is the foundation for preservation and anti-looting efforts.
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